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Gold / silver rates

Gold & Silver Rates

Gold & Silver Rates in Nepal. Today’s Gold & Silver price is available for Gold Hallmark per tola, Gold Tajabi per tola, Silver per tola, Gold Hallmark per 10 gram, Gold Tajabi per 10 gram, Silver per 10 gram. Interactive chart of historical data for Gold/Silver price is also available for past dates as line graph for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and a year. Historical gold prices may potentially provide information that may assist in buying or selling decisions. Today’s gold price is affected by various factors such as demand and supply, central bank buying, inflation, geopolitics, monetary policy, equity markets, market scenarios across the globe and the strength of US dollar and more. Additionally, the price of gold differs in various cities across Nepal as well. Various factors such as taxes, demand, carriage, local associations etc. affect the gold price in different cities by Nepali Rupees 100 – 500 per tola.

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14 karat: Refers to gold that is 58.5% pure.

18 Karat: Refers to gold that is 75% pure.

22 karat: Refers to gold that is 91.67% pure.

24 karat: Refers to gold that is 99.99% pure.

Disclaimer : The Gold price/rate for Today displayed in this web-site are indicative of Federation of nepal gold and silver dealers association. The rates may change slightly on different cities of Nepal. The website bears no liability to any financial loss due to fluctuation of gold rates.

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